Tiny Medical Apps are very proud to announce that they have been awarded funding by SBRI Healthcare, an Accelerated Access Collaborative (NHS England & NHS Improvement) initiative in partnership with AHSNs and Asthma + Lung UK. The awarded funding aims to support people with respiratory diseases through respiratory innovations.

The Digital Health Passport, by Tiny Medical Apps, is an asthma self-management app co-designed with young people and NHS specialists to improve asthma control. MYPASS (Making Young People’s Asthma Self-management Smarter) will measure the impact of the platform on asthma attacks, unscheduled care and steroid use and evaluate three user engagement strategies (Nurse-led, Social Media and NHS Comms).

In addition to this, it will aim to deliver:

  • Smarter asthma plans with signposting from symptom trackers
  • Improved medication adherence – repeat prescriptions, medication reminders, inhaler videos
  • Trigger avoidance – air quality alerts, allergy education
  • Knowledge – 7 core modules with regular reinforcement
  • Improved patient motivation – skills, knowledge and confidence to self manage.

Matt Whitty, CEO of the AAC, stated that innovations such as The Digital Health Passport were awarded “because they have the potential to make a big difference to patients“.

Dr Samantha Walker, Director of Research and Innovation at Asthma + Lung UK, said “Lung conditions are the third biggest killer in the UK and funding for research and innovation is needed to help diagnose, treat and manage them more effectively and transform and save millions of lives in the UK and across the world.”