Tiny Medical Apps has developed Learnable – a gamified app to encourage teenagers to stick to their Personalised Asthma Action Plans which was one of eight new social tech projects chosen by the Social Tech Trust to receive funding. The project has the backing of the Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research (AUKCAR) and behavioural change experts from Queen Mary’s University in London.

Dr Greg Burch, co-founder, said “Asthma is a big problem in the UK with dozens of preventable deaths each year. Asthma action plans have been shown to reduce emergency attendances yet less that 50% of young people with asthma have a personal plan. We intend to change that by putting care plans onto young peoples’ mobile phones and presenting content in new ways such as game technology“.

Update The original Learnable game (non-asthma version) is shown below.  The version with Asthma is now being consolidated into the Digital Health Passport- a Personal Health Record App for young people with Long Term Conditions – including Asthma https://tinymedicalapps.com/healthy-london-partnership-teams-up-with-tiny-medical-apps-to-help-tackle-the-capitals-asthma-problem/.