Tiny Medical Apps (TMA) secured 2nd place at the December 2020 INTEROPen Care Plan hackathon showcasing a dynamic Personal Health Record  for older people with Special Educational Needs using Patient Cloud and Digital Health Passport platforms.

Team Kaleidoscope

 We need a strategy for the care plan based around the person, not the provider

John Farenden

 A standard is needed to make information relevant at each point of care

Taffy Gatawa

Integrated dynamic care plan

Neil Robinson: 

One Care Plan

  • Person centred
  • Relevant in multiple situations
  • Integrated and dynamic

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Patient situations are constantly changing. Care plan transitions with time, care provider, location, anticipated events, unpredicted events, patient entered data, HCP entered data, data from smart devices

Our challenge was to develop a care plan UX for Derek that dynamically changes with time, change in condition, location, care provider, unscheduled but anticipated events

We used Discovery Data Services (London) to show where this data would come from using NHS Login to authenticate patient and pull FHIR resources using early stage Patient Cloud technology.

Utilising our current UX/UI for the Digital Health Passport we mapped and demonstrated a dynamic care plan for a user, Derek, as he goes about his life and health care journey showing how an adaptive Personal Health Care record to provide the person centric care that gives people control, dignity and respects their healthcare needs and wishes, including end-of-life care.

One main objective was to highlight gaps in the data available and hurdles to overcome and we look forward the the next INTEROPen to resolve and build upon these learnings.