We are delighted to announce that the Digital Health Passport is now being rolled out in Suffolk and North East Essex ICB

The Suffolk and North East Essex ICB Integrated Care Board (ICB) has taken a substantial step forward in asthma self-care with the successful introduction of the Digital Health Passport. Developed by Tiny Medical Apps (TMA), this app is geared towards enabling children, young people and their carers to effectively navigate asthma while providing a range of educational materials to enhance their comprehension and boost confidence in managing their asthma.

The Digital Health Passport offers a variety of features tailored specifically to meet the distinct needs of asthma patients. A noteworthy feature is its ability to share asthma management plans with family and friends, promoting a collaborative approach to assisting individuals dealing with asthma. Users can easily track their symptoms and access educational materials, empowering them to make well-informed decisions about their asthma.

Moreover, the app encourages interaction within the asthma community by providing a platform for peer assistance and linking to online resources from reputable partners such as Asthma & Lung UK. Medication, air quality alerts and guidance on steering clear of triggers significantly improve the overall asthma management experience.

In an exciting update, Suffolk and North East Essex ICB stand as one of the ICBs collaborating with TMA to assess the effectiveness of promotional materials, such as eye-catching posters and leaflets featuring a QR code for app download, distributed within their Acute care settings. This endeavour is aimed at boosting the adoption and activation of the app among patients.

Expressing his excitement, Peter Broughton, the Transformation Project Manager for Children & Young People at Suffolk and North East Essex ICB, stated, “I’m thrilled to witness the potential of the Digital Health Passport. This digital health tool has the capacity to revolutionise how we empower young individuals and their caregivers in managing their asthma. It presents a fresh approach to self-care and education, aligning seamlessly with our dedication to providing better care to our young patients.

To download the Digital Health Passport, visit: https://digitalhealthpassport.co/, or go directly to your app store: