NHS Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin region is the first to go live with the latest version of the Digital Health Passport as part of their work to support the Asthma Bundle of Care for Children and Young People.

Around 5000 children and young people have asthma across Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin. The NHS has recently funded specialist nurses to support asthma education and reviews in this area, which will lead to a rise in annual asthma reviews, and training offered to primary care staff and schools. There is also a plan to invest in a pilot diagnostic hub to ensure the NHS captures patients with asthma at an early stage.

NHS Shropshire Telford and Wrekin are looking at how to support children with asthma to manage their own condition and have commissioned Tiny Medical Apps’ ‘Digital Health Passport‘ which can help educate children and parents.

The STW region is currently working on a project in relation to Personalised Care for Children and Young People in the area. The project relates to the care of Children and Young People with a diagnosis of Asthma, with the aim of reducing A&E attendances for Children and Young People presenting with an exacerbation of Asthma.

The Digital Health Passport was selected to be a core part of the delivery of the Personalised Care programme as it supports delivery of these key outcomes:

  • Creation of an Asthma Management Plan which is fit for purpose for use by Children and Young People
  • Reduction of attendances at A&E for Children and Young people with an exacerbation of Asthma
  • Improvement of the physical health and happiness of young people
  • Improvement of Children and Young People’s understanding around what is triggering their Asthma and how to control their symptoms
  • Improvement of Children and Young People’s understanding around when and how to use their inhalers
  • Parents and Carers having support to help their children manage their Asthma