Sheffield Children’s Hospital in association with NIHR CYP MedTech have been awarded Evidence Generation funding to integrate the Digital Health Passport with the Yorkshire & Humber LHCR.

This project will be focused on allergy/anaphylaxis care plans and working with community clinics to reduce out patient appointments and urgent care demand.

Current paper processes result in children with asthma and severe allergies having two separate care plans, which is far from ideal in an emergency. Co-design work will be done to integrate the asthma and allergy emergency plans and take them to national groups for approval.


  • Connect to Yorkshire & Humber LHCR using NHS login
  • Develop allergy/anaphylaxis care plans that integrate with asthma care plans
  • Customise the Digital Health Passport to the local environment
  • Demonstrate evidence of improved Patient Activation Measures in young population with allergies