Launch of “Moving on Asthma” videos on the Digital Health Passport

Spotlighting the latest addition to the Digital Health Passport — an exceptional series of educational videos from Moving on Asthma. These resources are designed to empower young people with asthma, providing them with the knowledge and skills to manage their condition effectively.

A wealth of expertise at your fingertips

The Moving on Asthma videos are a treasure trove of expert advice and practical tips. From understanding asthma triggers to mastering inhaler techniques, these videos offer invaluable insights for anyone managing asthma. They’ve had a great reception from young patients and the CYP asthma community. Now they’re showcased on the Digital Health Passport, adding to great content from Asthma & Lung UK and Beat Asthma.

Elevating asthma management with quality resources

Greg Burch, Joint CEO of Tiny Medical Apps, said: “The Moving on Asthma videos are fantastic. All co-produced with young people and a great design team, they really cover all aspects of living with asthma, not just the symptoms.”

Highlights from the Moving on Asthma videos

Understanding Asthma: A deep dive into what asthma is and how it affects the respiratory system.

Managing Symptoms: Expert advice on recognising and effectively managing asthma symptoms.

Health, lifestyle and speaking up for yourself: Taking control of asthma self-management and living well.

Find out more

For more details on these top-notch resources, please visit Moving on Asthma.