We are delighted to announce that the Digital Health Passport is now being rolled out in Humber and North Yorkshire ICB

Humber and North Yorkshire Integrated Care Board (ICB) has launched the Digital Health Passport (DHP), a revolutionary app designed to empower children, young adults, and their caregivers in effectively managing asthma. The DHP not only facilitates asthma management but also provides a wealth of educational resources, boosting user understanding and confidence.

The DHP comes equipped with a range of features tailored to meet the unique needs of asthma patients. One standout feature is the ability to share asthma management plans with family and friends, promoting a collaborative approach to asthma care. Users can easily monitor their symptoms and access educational materials, equipping them to make informed decisions regarding their asthma.

This app fosters connections within the asthma community, offering advice and valuable information from trusted sources like Asthma & Lung UK. It also sends reminders for medication, provides air quality alerts, and offers tips on inhaler usage and trigger avoidance, all of which simplify asthma management.

Humber and North Yorkshire ICB is working with the Tiny Medical Apps team to help evaluate engagement strategies by promoting the app in pharmacy settings. As part of this effort, they have initiated a pilot in collaboration with 40 pharmacies to start with, where they have introduced QR code stickers on prescription bags for individuals picking up their asthma medication, along with informational flyers for each medication collection.

Jen Brownbridge, Lead Nurse for CYP Asthma and Keira Norwood, Specialist Asthma Nurse for Children and Young People for Humber and North Yorkshire ICB, express their enthusiasm for this initiative. They stated, “We’re genuinely thrilled to embark on this innovative journey of promoting the Digital Health Passport in Humber and North Yorkshire, particularly taking the approach of pushing the message within pharmacy settings. It offers us a unique opportunity to connect with underserved communities more effectively, reaching individuals during their everyday routines, such as picking up their prescriptions.

To download the Digital Health Passport, visit: https://digitalhealthpassport.co/, or go directly to your app store: