Empowering Healthcare Professionals and Educators:

The Crucial Role of Education in Digital Health Implementation for Asthma Management

In a time where digital advancements are reshaping healthcare, the pivotal role of patient-facing apps in managing chronic conditions like asthma cannot be overstated. Yet, the seamless integration and effective utilisation of these technologies hinge significantly on education and training. Equipping healthcare professionals and educators with the knowledge and confidence to recommend these digital tools to their service users has shown a direct correlation with the successful adoption and implementation of these transformative technologies in patient care.

The importance of education in the domain of digital health is paramount and cannot be emphasised enough. Healthcare professionals, teachers, and individuals in touch with children and young people play a pivotal role in guiding patients toward effective self-management apps. Their understanding of these technologies is instrumental in bridging the gap between innovation and patient care.

Recognising this crucial link, the Digital Health Passport team has embarked on a collaborative journey with Rotherham Respiratory, a leading healthcare education provider in the UK, to offer fully funded asthma training to healthcare practitioners and educators directly engaged with asthma patients.

The core part of this initiative is an accredited one-hour online course titled “Digital Tools to Support Self-management of Asthma,” crafted by esteemed asthma educator and researcher Viv Marsh (QN, RN). Funded by an NHS England SBRI award, this comprehensive course caters to a broad spectrum of professionals—from pharmacists, paramedics, nurses, and doctors to sports teachers, physiotherapists, and healthcare students.

The curriculum encompasses essential aspects of supporting asthma patients in self-management, understanding and assessing the most suitable digital tools for asthma management, and a practical case study highlighting the features and benefits of the NHS-funded Digital Health Passport asthma app.

Upon completion of this course, candidates emerge with a newfound confidence in recommending and suggesting digital tools that assist individuals coping with asthma, thereby enhancing patient care and self-management.

Additionally, to enhance this educational effort further, an advanced course is also available, offering a deeper dive into the subject matter. While limited spots are available per Integrated Care System (ICS) region rolling out the Digital Health Passport, these courses serve as an invaluable opportunity for professionals involved in the Digital Health Passport evaluation.

The funding, provided by an NHS England SBRI award, aligns with the ongoing research aimed at assessing the impact of enhanced education among healthcare professionals. The ultimate goal is to ascertain whether bolstering their knowledge results in amplified promotion and adoption of digital asthma tools within communities that stand to benefit from their usage.

This initiative stands as a testament to the pivotal role education plays in the successful integration of digital health technologies, specifically patient-facing apps in asthma management such as the Digital Health Passport. By empowering healthcare professionals and educators with the necessary knowledge and confidence, we pave the way for a more informed and proactive approach to patient care.

For those interested in seizing this opportunity and contributing to the evaluation of the Digital Health Passport, free places for the 1 hour course are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you are unsure if your region is rolling out the Digital Health Passport, or with any other questions, please get in touch with Saira, our Product Director, by emailing [email protected].