Celebrating Clean Air Day: Empowering Asthma Patients with the Digital Health Passport

Every year, air pollution causes up to 36,000 deaths in the UK. The World Health Organisation and the UK Government recognise that air pollution is the largest environmental health risk we face today. As air quality continues to deteriorate in many parts of the UK, people with asthma are among the most affected.

Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease that affects millions of people worldwide and is often exacerbated by poor air quality. In response to this ongoing issue, the Digital Health Passport (DHP) has been created to help people with asthma better manage their symptoms.

The DHP is a free to use application that has been co-created with NHS specialists and young people. Its goal is to empower asthma sufferers by providing them with valuable information and resources in one place, to help manage their condition. The DHP serves as a digital companion, providing real time information, and crucial insights related to air quality and asthma management.

A standout feature of the DHP is its air quality alerts. These alerts offer timely information on air quality levels and the presence of potential triggers in the user’s surroundings. By setting up personalised air quality alerts on the app, users can receive notifications when air quality conditions are likely to worsen, allowing them to take proactive measures to protect their health.

Professor Jonathan Grigg (Professor of Paediatric Respiratory and Environmental Medicine, Queen Mary University of London), says,

The use of apps by children and young people with asthma, and their parents, will soon be an essential part of clinical care. As the respiratory lead for University College London Partners I have supported the development of this app that not only provides important information about asthma management, but also exposure to environmental triggers – including air pollution.”

As we celebrate Clean Air Day, we applaud the advancements made in empowering those with asthma through tools like the Digital Health Passport. By harnessing the power of real time air quality alerts and trigger avoidance, individuals can take charge of their respiratory health and proactively prevent asthma triggers. Let us continue to raise awareness about the importance of clean air for the wellbeing of all.

Remember, every breath matters, and together, with Action for Clean Air, we can create a healthier, cleaner future for everyone.

For more information on the Digital Health Passport, visit: https://digitalhealthpassport.co/

For more information on Clean Air Day 2023, visit: https://www.actionforcleanair.org.uk/campaigns/clean-air-day