Asthma, a chronic respiratory condition that affects millions of children and young people worldwide, has been the focus of an annual campaign known as #AskAboutAsthma for the past seven years. Spearheaded by The NHS England – London Children and Young People’s Programme team, this initiative strives to improve the lives of young asthma sufferers through innovative solutions and a wider perspective on their care. In 2023, #AskAboutAsthma Week is back, and it’s more impactful than ever before.

Widening our view

This year, the theme of #AskAboutAsthma Week is “Widening our view.” While the primary goal remains to enhance the lives of children and young people with asthma, this theme encourages a comprehensive approach. It’s about looking beyond just the medical aspects of asthma management and considering the broader factors that affect their health and well-being.

One key focus is on the Digital Health Passport (DHP), a self-management app co-designed with the NHS to empower young people in taking control of their health. This smart app serves as a powerful tool in making asthma care smarter and more convenient. The DHP enables young individuals to monitor their asthma, track medications, and gain valuable insights into their condition right from their smartphones.

Technology as a game changer

Today’s youth are digitally connected like never before, and they have a deep affinity for their smartphones. Recognising this, the #AskAboutAsthma campaign harnesses technology to enhance the asthma management experience for young people. The Digital Health Passport not only facilitates better control of their health but also makes managing asthma more intuitive and accessible.

The DHP comes with features like medication reminders, symptom tracking, and the ability to share asthma plans with healthcare professionals. By integrating these elements into a mobile app, it empowers young people to actively participate in their asthma care journey, fostering a sense of responsibility and ownership.

Understanding the broader context

The “Widening our view” theme encourages a holistic perspective on asthma care. It acknowledges that factors beyond medications and inhalers can significantly impact a young person’s well-being. Some of these factors include housing conditions, the presence of mould, and even risky behaviours like vaping.

By addressing these wider factors, the campaign not only strives to improve the lives of those directly affected by asthma but also raises awareness within their communities. It calls upon everyone, from friends and families to the entire healthcare system, to be a part of the solution.

Get involved and make a difference

1.  Download the Digital Health Passport (DHP):
If you or someone you know has asthma, consider downloading the DHP. It’s a valuable tool for better asthma management.

2.  Access our DHP Toolkit:
We have created a toolkit to support #AskAboutAsthma Week and promote the Digital Health Passport. This toolkit includes key messages, social media ideas and free digital assets that can be used to raise awareness and encourage others to download the app. By utilising these resources, you can play a role in making a positive impact on the lives of young asthma sufferers.

3.  Post on Social Media:
Use one of our DHP digital posters included in the pack to help promote the national campaign and to promote the DHP.

#AskAboutAsthma Week 2023 is an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of children and young people with asthma. By widening our view and embracing technology like the Digital Health Passport, we can empower the younger generation to take control of their health. Together, we can raise awareness, improve care, and create a brighter future for those living with asthma. To learn more about the campaign visit the official #AskAboutAsthma Week website.